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Being in love is something that is so wonderful. It is a feeling many describe in so many ways. Some say it's like a drug; being drunk in love, others says it is such a great happiness. What do you do when that great love is miles away from you?

Keeping an open line of communication is the best way. Letter writing is a must. Every letter your write to your loved one, you should tell them about things that happen in your life, tell them that they are important and why. Do not only tell them how they make you feel, tell them why they make you feel that way.

Letter writing is the easiest way to keep communication open, although a phone call every now and then is a nice treat. Phone bills ad up fast. The late night " I love yous" and the "oh I can't hang ups" can last forever, but hearing the others voice is sometimes just a nessity.

Planning trips around each other's schedules is also something fun and something for each to look forward too. If you can, make it a short term goal to save money and make a trip. Possibly planning to meet halfway and having a nice get away for the two of you.

Trust is above all the most important thing. Being in love is so wonderful and when it's long distance it's also painful. When you love someone, nothing should stand in your way, but when it's unavoidable, trust above all else. Trust yourself as well as your signifigant other. Without this the bounds of the relationship are ruined and you have nothing...whether it's 10 miles between you, or 1000 miles.

Take my advice today, and tomorrow you may have a better relationship. Little things make a big differnce. Just remember what you are holding on to and what the future will bring.