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Your family can celebrate holidays and create lasting family memories! Holidays need not be expensive or stressful. I have compiled the following list of easy, inexpensive holiday ideas that are fun and memorable for all ages.

On Veteran's Day, adopt a veteran. This may be a family member, a deserving senior citizen, or a deceased veteran from your local cemetary. If you choose a family member or senior citizen, discuss patriotism with them over dinner. If you choose a deceased veteran, plant a flag on their grave.

Valentine's Day need not be about expensive gifts, candies, or store bought cards. Have family members design and decorate a family heart. On the family heart list each family member's best qualities. These paper hearts will become family treasures.

Halloween dinner can be a spooktacular feast. Add red food coloring to mashed potatoes. Serve a body shaped meatloaf as the main corpse! Add green food coloring to applesauce for a slimey looking side dish. Kids love this!

On Christmas eve, after your children are in bed, sprinkle your carpet with baking soda. Wearing a large pair of boots, leave footprints in the baking soda. These Santa prints will vacuum up easily, and freshen your carpet!

Bake a bunny shaped cake for Easter. Use two round cake pans. Bake the cake. Remove rounds from their pans. Cut one of the rounds into two ears and a bow tie. This can be accomplished by cutting it as if it were a baseball and cutting along the "seams." Place these above and below the second round. Frost. Decorate with jelly beans. Kids love to help put a face on the bunny!

Independence Day is a surefire time for red, white and blue tie dyed t-shirts. Using plain white t-shirts and tie dies, your family can design their own freedom fashions! As summer time usually means good weather, you can do this outside or in your garage to contain the mess!

St. Patrick's Day wearin' o' the green contest. Have a yearly family contest for the most outrageous green St. Patrick's Day costume. Encourage creativity, humor, and cultural awareness. Stage your own Riverdance for surefire laughs.

Thanksgiving memories are easily made when each family member is required to "sing for their supper" by writing a short poem or song that begins with the words, "I'm thankful I'm not a turkey because..." Get ready to smile and roll those videocameras. Kids enjoy this immensely.

Birthdays can be made truly special. Have your family members create a birthday collage or photo album for the birthday boy or girl. Use photos from the past year to help the birthday person reflect on the year's prior events.

New Year's Eve have a family housecleaning party. Take down the Christmas decorations, drink cocoa, eat popcorn, and race the clock. Have a clean house by midnight!

I hope these ideas work as well for your family, as they have for mine. Happy Holidays!