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About 30,000 UK couples decide to tie the knot overseas. The idea of a no-stress wedding in the sun is especially romantic and they can be married in unusual settings such as on the back of an elephant in Sri Lanka or on a Caribbean beach.

The other advantage is that you avoid the usual family complications, arguments and disagreements, although it is known for the happy couple to take some guests with them. This can restrict those who cannot afford to come with you, so many choose not to invite anyone with them to save embarrassment.

The average cost of a wedding in the UK today is approximately £14,000. Compared with a Caribbean wedding of an average of just £400 (excluding the cost of the honeymoon) it is a trend that continues to grow.

A typical wedding package overseas includes fees for the registrar, local assistance, a marriage license and certificate, a wedding cake and stand and a bouquet and buttonhole for the groom. Many travel agents and packages offer free wedding packages for certain honeymoons.

Before booking your wedding overseas be sure that you have or can obtain the following documents in a reasonable amount of time:

 Birth certificate
 Valid 10-yr passports
 Full names, occupations and religions
 Decree absolute if either party is divorced
 If widowed, a death certificate of your former spouse and previous marriage certificate
 Proof if your name has been changed via deed poll.

Check with your travel agents about the package you want. Many countries insist that the couple be present for a number of days before they can actually marry. This varies dramatically from place to place and is a legal requirement.

Wedding packages are very popular and the best ones often are booked quickly. It’s fair to start thinking about where you want to go as soon as you can. Some travel operators offer substantial discounts the earlier you book (often a year or so in advance).