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Every June of every year, the sock, cologne and tie industries look forward to that sudden spike in sales, commonly known as Father's Day. It has become a ritual in most homes- Dad looks adoringly at that paisley tie or that bottle of aftershave and swears this has been the best Father's Day ever. Three months later, the unworn tie sits by itself in the back of the rack, and the aftershave bottle hides behind the electric razor. Let's face it, Dads are hard to shop for, because men already buy the newest electronic gizmo or the coolest power tool for themselves long before it's time to shop for their presents. So what do you get the Dad who has everything, especially when you are on a tight budget? Here's a list of ten Father's Day presents that he probably doesn't own yet, and won't break your budget.

1. Think sports. If Dad supports a local college football team, get him a banner to hang on his car on the way to the big game. Sports stores tend to carry small but useful items, such as keychains or mini-flashlights, that bear the name of a favorite team. Baseball cards are not necessarily just for kids, either. He may enjoy reliving his childhood by sifting through $10 worth of trading cards. Make a play for the gum, though.

2. Gift certificates- the catch-all of all last minute presents, but still effective in a pinch. Make sure the certificates are good for things he can use, and that the savings is substantial. You may not think that a 'Bath Shop' gift certificate would be appreciated by a man, but you'd be surprised what men will buy when left to their own devices. Food gift certificates are also a safe bet, especially to a sports bar or favorite after-work establishment.

3. Fishing gear. Many father/fishermen run out of their favorite bait or lose a trusted lure. These are not terribly expensive to replace, and could encourage Dad to spend the day fishing and relaxing.

4. Replacement parts. Do-it-yourselfers tend to go through a lot of nails, screws and bolts while on their way to finishing the Pyramids. While Dad's away, try to take an inventory of his toolbox, and see if it needs some replacement parts. Does he have an extra saw blade for the jigsaw? How's the wood glue supply? Could he use another tape measure or marking tool?

5. Gag gifts. Dads are people, too, and may not be comfortable with elaborate parties and expensive gifts. If the occasion is right, you might consider shopping in a gag gift shop for a humorous gift tailor-made for his particular habits. You can't go wrong with a World's Greatest Golfer mug or an 'Over the Hill' joke book. Keep it tasteful, and keep it lighthearted.

6.Music and movies. You may want to consult Mom on this one, but you may find some of Dad's favorite movies or albums on sale. There are usually a few action/adventure titles that can be found on bargain shelves, including martial arts films and older movies starring legendary action film stars (Eastwood, Bronson, Stallone, etc.) Find music from your Dad's teen years, especially Greatest Hits by his favorite artists, or a tape featuring a medley of hits from a specific year.

7. Pay for professional services. Does your carpenter dad's saw need resharpening? Do any of your golfer dad's clubs need cleaning or reshaping? Is your neat-nik dad overdue for a haircut? You might arrange for a professional service that he hasn't already thought of himself.
Some services can run major money, but there are quite a few other services, such as dry cleaning a favorite suit, that won't break your budget. Ask around for the best prices for the service you need.

8. Offer your own services. Mow the lawn without prompting. Wash his car while he's napping. Clean up the garage. In lieu of money or lavish gifts, dads do appreciate labor. You might also write up a set of 'coupons', featuring services he can redeem at a future time.

9. Cleaners and restorers. Even if the sawblades don't need replacing and the golf clubs are straight as an arrow, they may need cleaning. The upholstery on his beloved boat may need restoring. You could invest in the proper cleaners and brighten his day by doing the labor yourself.

10. Quality time. The most inexpensive gift you can give the Dad on the go. Instead of just handing Dad a card and taking off for the mall, spend the afternoon playing catch with him. Go to a trade show and learn more about his hobbies and interests. Have a family movie night, featuring his favorite movies, or screen some home movies. Arrange for his friends from work to come over for drinks, or fire up the barbecue. Just plan on spending quality time with your dad on his one special day.