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Family means relationships. In fact, a family is a connection of relationships. A family is all about relationships. Since relationships are at the heart of all matters, it is vital to maintain happiness in your domestic household.

A happy family practices positive responses to one another. A response that helps, soothes and comforts by virtue of the fact that it is a family member we are interacting with. We remember that family members are the most important people in the world to us. You can change virtually everything in your life but you can't swap your family for another.

To maintain happiness in your family, it is essential to practice good social skills as we are interacting most intimately daily with our family. Courtesy, kindness, loyalty, responsibility, forgiveness and forgetting the wrongs rate the high priorities in a happy family.

All humans thrive on pleasure. Courtesy is the simple pleasure affordable for everyone to give. It costs next to nothing. It gives immeasurable amounts of good relations to family members. It affects emotions, moods and our concepts of a happy family life.

Kindness proliferates in a happy family. Many people forget to be kind to family members. They see the weaknesses and become critical of others. Don't forget that your family is more deserving of acts of kindness and sacrifices form you than your friends. You live with them and need to communicate with them for the rest of your life. Our children learn best by example. We will need their kindness towards us in our old age or times of need.

A happy family is confident of handling tough times. Family loyalty is a valuable asset that will pull the family through testing times. Another instance where loyalty pulls its weight is when one member of the family defends another. Sooner or later, the critic will also be influenced by this positive attitude and his opinion will also change for the better.

A happy family is one that shows responsibility by keeping their promises to one another. A promise is a promise; be it explicitly stated or not. Sometimes, responsibility and keeping promises require great sacrifices. This is the norm expected from family members. You will also like having the confidence that you can depend on somebody's promise because s/he is a responsible person.

To forgive and forget are the hardest things any human can do. We often say we forgive but deep down inside, we bear resentment and grudges against the party for wronged us. This influences our future dealings with that person. Then, a whole lot of negative emotions like anger, jealousy and disagreement will come every time we compare ourselves with that person. There can be no true happiness without truly forgetting others who " trespass against us." Thus, forgetting past wrongs is beneficial to our own happiness.

Maintaining happiness in the family reaps bountiful rewards. Start with the little things and transform your happy into a perpetually happy one.