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Whenever two unlike minds come together, there are bound to be disagreements or quarrels. The rift can be painful, enduring and destructive. To overcome a family squabble, there first must be recognition of how much damage the feud is causing and an urge in your heart to change the situation of enmity.

Resentment and anger are some of the negative emotions resulting from family quarrels. The longer the wait to initiate healing, the more difficult it is. It needs courage, effort, determination and a thick skin to be the initiator in the healing process. You may feel that you're the wronged party and thus need to exert self-control to avoid flaring up again.

Do some self-examination and try to put yourself in the other's shoes. Acknowledge the objections and disagreements due to problems in the situation. Then, you will understand why the other person wants to quarrel with you. It takes courage to swallow our pride and admit our wrongs and our hand in creating the dispute. This makes us more conducive towards taking positive steps towards reconciliation.

It helps to keep in touch with the rest of the family. Your quarrel is with only one of the brood. Don't isolate yourself from the rest. You may use others to communicate to your fighting family member. It is a roundabout method of talking to your enemy. Sooner or later, one party will directly show signs of patching up the quarrel. Its so silly having to "spy" on him / her to get news that you might as well communicate with that person directly.

The first step of breaking the ice is the most difficult. The rest may be child's play. If you can't bring yourself to talk to the person and your knees are wobbling, take to the pen and paper. Writing forces you to deliberate over what you want to voice out carefully. A reconciliatory letter can never go wrong provided you don't argue over the dispute again.

Find a neutral friend to act as a mediator, facilitator or supporter. This helps tremendously and also gives you encouragement to carry on the healing process,

An important point to remember is that reconciliation does not necessarily mean resolving the quarrel. The original irks still remain but there is tacit understanding from both parties to leave it behind. Broken ties may not heal to become as good as new. Be happy and realistic with whatever peace you can achieve. After all, you've achieved your goal of overcoming the family quarrel. Let bygones be bygones and walk peacefully in your journey in life.