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Managing assertiveness means being successful in difficult situations without resorting to the use of violence or verbal abuse. Being assertive means your voice is heard and acted positively on. Anyone can learn the skills of managing assertiveness by having determination and practice of some golden rules of thumb.

To be assertive, you have to be prepared about the facts of the case. This gives you the confidence to put your arguments across. Gather your concrete data to support your case. When the facts are right, it's a plus for you to assert your stand.

Make a personal appearance to resolve the issue. Telephone calls may delay the solution as there may be a breakdown in communication somewhere down the line. Your non-verbal language speaks for you too. A personal confrontation may get you quicker results as the other party feels obliged to resolve the matter since you are already standing in front of him.

Most people resort to rudeness to demand compliance to their wants. The right way of being assertive is to remain cool. Being offensive puts people on the defensive You'll come up against a brick wall. It's difficult to put down a civilized request but its easy to refuse a rude approach.

Never make personal insults or attacks on the other person. Hitting below the belt will only make you an enemy for life. Its a small world and you may run into enemies anywhere.

Be assertive and argue for your rights only if its worth your while. Don't fight for the sake of fighting. It'll only ruin your good image. Once you've earned uncomplimentary ridicule,its twice as hard to be assertive the next time round.

The right way of being assertive is to choose when and how to be assertive. Remember that cunning planning beforehand is necessary to win your battle of asserting yourself to be heard and get your results.