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Divorce is an unfortunate thing that more than half of the world faces nowadays. Last year was the 22nd anniversary of my parents marriage. I was eighteen. Everyone that knew my parents and our family had it set in their minds that our family would never part. It was a major shock when one day my parents decided that living together was not the best thing for either one of them. Not only was it a shock to the outsiders, it was a major shock to myself.
Dealing with a divorce can be rather disturbing but it is something that takes time and some help from a psychologist if needed. I realized that crying for a week straight about only living with one parent instead of two was not going to solve my problems mentally.
The first step in dealing with a divorce is to realize what has happened and why. Step two would consist of seeing a psychologist. A psychologist is a friend that can help you cope with your problems. Everything that is told to a psychologist is kept private unless the patient has had thoughts of death. A psychologist can help you to understand what has happened, as well.
The third and final step in overcoming a divorce is to be as open and honest with your parents as possible. If something in particular is bothering you, it is best that you tell one parents how you are feeling and why. Parents know best and can usually help in a situation, especially involving them. A divorce is a difficult obstacle in life but I think the best way to deal with it is to not avoid it.