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Marriage is a serious step to take these days, with divorce rates rising, people need to stop and start thinking about if marriage is really what they want. Everyone would like the person they marry to be there for better or worse, richer or poorer, until death they part, but sometimes it is not that way. Some causes of people's marriage ending in divorce are people not knowing each other long enough, marrying for the wrong reasons (not for love), and one person putting forth effort of keeping each other happy more than the other.

In today's time, people have the tendency to jump into relationships. A good foundation for a steady relationship is a must. People need to get to know each other as friends first, then let things progress. Many times if people do this first, they get to know what kind of things a person likes or dislikes, and most importantly, how they feel about each other.

The eagerness of people jumping into marriage is compounded by people getting married for the wrong reasons. The cause for making a person a husband or wife should not be for what they look like or what they have, it should be for unconditional love. People sometimes get married to an individual because of what others think, whether the person is attractive enough or not. Marriage should never be based on those petty reasons; people should accept a person for who they are on the inside as well as on the outside. A person's intelligence is far more important than looks. Another wrong reason for people getting married is money. Nevertheless, a person does need money to survive, but a marriage should not be seen as that way. A husband and wife should work together equally to provide money for the both of them, not one person providing all the money for the other. Marrying someone just because they may be wealthy is a poor reason.

In addition to not taking the time to get to know a person and marrying for the wrong reasons, sometimes in a relationship two people must do things equally. Many times one person is in a situation where she or he is putting forth the effort to do things, such as responsibilities, sex, and spending quality time together. House responsibilities should be distributed equally, whether it is regular chores, or taking care of kids if they are involved. In an incident of sex, if a person is not getting adequate amounts, this could result in a situation of one person cheating on the other. Another problem, is having he or she not wanting to ever do any extracurricular activities, such as going out to movies, eating out, and taking walks in the parks. If a person is not getting those things at home, they may go else where to satisfy their needs.

No marriage will always be sweet, pleasant, and perfect, but maybe if people start to pay more attention to the following things: getting to know the person better, stop marrying for the wrong reasons, and having both persons put forth the effort to make each other happy a little more, may aid in decreasing divorce rates.