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Diamonds are determined by their 4 Cs of Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color. A diamond lasts forever so it is important to choose a diamond that you'll love forever.

A carat is the unit of measure for a diamond. A carat consists of 100 points. It weighs 0.20 grams. Larger diamonds of larger carats are rare and valuable.

A diamond is cut to have a number of planes or facets. A good cut brings out the best in the diamond's sparkle. It allows the maximum amount of light into the diamond and reflects the light through the top of the diamond. To choose a diamond, hold it up to see how the stone throws out a rainbow of colors. If you like the kind of rainbow reflected, then that's your personal liking for that diamond. That's how you discover that the diamond is for you!

All diamonds contain natural marks in its composite minerals or non-crystallized carbon. These internal characteristics are also called the diamond's "birthmarks." The fewer and smaller the birthmarks, the better the quality of the diamond. That is because that diamond has less flaws. A diamond with less birthmarks enables light to be reflected better; thus making the diamond sparkle more.

Diamonds are also graded on their color. The color ranges from exceptional white to tinted white. Common diamonds are the white and tinted white variety. The higher grades of white diamonds are very precious as they rarely occur in nature.

It is best to buy diamonds from reputable jewelry shops. Choose the store that you're most comfortable with and establish a stable relationship with them. That store will become your "family jeweler" who you go to for workmanship and advice.

For larger diamonds of more than a carat, there should be a gemological report from an independent gem trading laboratory.

Choose a diamond according to your personality so that you'll treasure it forever. Most jewelry shops have their own craftsmen to cater to custom made jewelry. You can choose a design to include smaller or larger diamonds as according to your budget.

Diamond shapes are associated with certain personalities. Round diamonds sparkle the most. It represents a warm personality.

Oval shaped diamonds are traditional, yet modern. Personalities attracted to this include those women who are very special in having these two traits.

The Marquise shaped diamond is for the charming and ambitious woman.

The square cut diamond represents the bold, assertive, and independent woman.

The emerald cut represents elegance and beauty.

The pear shaped diamond speaks for vivacious and sociable women.

The heart shaped diamond is typical of the sensitive and loving woman.

Diamonds add excitement to the sparkle of your eyes. They are suitable for all occasions to add that dash of elegance to your wardrobe. That's enough to send you shopping for your diamonds!