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You show up at your date’s house in a stretch limo. She hops in and is treated to champagne and music and a violinist. She smiles brightly and leans in to kiss you. Suddenly you wake up and realize you are dreaming. How can you have a fun date and not spend a fortune? By using a little creativity and imagination. There are a few types of dates you can do for a minimal amount of money.

The Movie Date

Most movie theaters offer matinee and twilight show discounts. These are cheaper prices for shows in the morning and early afternoon. If your city has a drive-in theater, you can see a movie for very cheap. My girlfriend and I saw a double feature and spent $5 total for the two of us on tickets. An alternative to going to an actual theater is to do a movie at home. Rent a flick from your local video store. Dim the lights and snuggle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and some sodas.

The Romance Date

This one is limited only by your imagination and only costs you gas money. Take your sweetie to a romantic outdoors location. If you live near mountains, you can go hiking and watch the sunset. If you live near an ocean you can go walking on the beach and stargaze at night. Perhaps you’ll find a nice spot overlooking the city at night and you can talk and enjoy the sparkling city lights at night.

The Picnic Date

This is my favorite date because it is so simple and at the same time very romantic. Pack a picnic lunch with cheese, sausage, crackers, fresh fruit and a bottle of wine. Grab a blanket and your basket and head to a quiet corner of a local park or a nice grassy spot if you live in the country. Fold out your blanket and dig in to food and conversation.

The Ice Cream Date

An oldy but goody for the last kind of date- the ice cream date. Take your sweetie to the local ice cream shop and get cones. You can take a casual stroll while eating your ice cream and satisfy that sweet tooth at the same time