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You've got the perfect home, big garden, lovely area, close to your family etc. All is well ¡V apart from the family living next door.

We¡¦ve all met people in our lives that we didn¡¦t exactly get on with, but if you have the misfortune to live next door to them its not easy to ignore or disassociate with them.

If you have neighbours who are troublesome these tips will help you to sort out your differences and hopefully be more neighbourly towards each other:

„h Talk to each other. If there is a certain feud keeping you apart, discuss a solution that you both agree upon.
„h Be nice. Shouting and hollering at each other will get you no where ¡V it will only create more hostility.
„h If your neighbours are noisy ask them politely to quieten down a little ¡V it is true that half of us don¡¦t realise the noise we make and how is effects others around us.
„h Try to get on. Unless you move you will have to live with each other so try to compromise.
„h Give a peace offering ¡V perhaps some vegetables or flowers from your garden. Explain that you don¡¦t want it to be this way and that you wish to move on and sort out your differences.

If all of the above fails there are more extreme steps you can take:

„h Inform your local police or council of the troubles and ask that they come round for a friendly chat to try and solve the matter.
„h If this doesn¡¦t work you can take your neighbour to court. Think before you do this. It can be very costly and often the compensation you will receive if you win will be little, perhaps only an apology or just the problem to be solved ¡V is it worth it?
„h If you take your neighbour to court the problem is unlikely to be solved and finished there. You will still have to live next door to each other and see each other most days so not take this route unless absolutely necessary.
„h Consider moving. This may seem like they have won, but at the end of the day if it saves you the stress and worry of all the arguments it might be the easiest thing to do.

The easiest and best thing to do (if you can) is to sort out your differences yourselves. If this doesn¡¦t work consider going a step forward.