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Many of my girlfriends ask the same thing. They are divorced, widowed, or never married. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. They come from the U.S., England, Britain, Canada, and anywhere else worldwide. They also come with attitudes, great, small, or otherwise. They are also missing something some of us feel we need to be whole. Husbands, that is.

We all want to know the same thing. Who is Mr. Right and where do I find him?

The best place to find him, in my opinion, is when you quit looking. He will be the one that is watching you and getting up the nerve to ask you out when you have given up hope of ever finding the right man to spend the rest of your life with. I’ve also learned that second time around is much better than the first time.

Second time around we know or at least, we should know, what it is that we are seeking that is so different from our last relationship. Sometimes we fall into a trap that that is the type of person you want but take a good hard look at what went wrong in your last relationship. The world is full of possibilities.

You may meet your next Mr. Right at any of these places.

Dance hall
Dentist Office
Doctor Office
Grocery Store
Having your car fixed
Single Parenting Group
Singles Club
Stop sign

It could be your best friend's ex-boyfriend. Or, it could be the computer technician that you hired to fix your computer. There are many more places I haven’t listed. One thing is certain.

When you quit looking for him, Mr. Right will show up on your doorstep and usually wearing a big silly grin that matches yours.