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“I just blew a fuse!”
“I couldn’t stand it any longer!”
“I reached my boiling point!”

These three people lost the struggle to control their anger. The resultant problems – swearing, violence, bloodshed, criminal conviction – left scars that will remain for a very long time. How much better things could have been if they had been able to handle their anger: it could have saved a lot of heartache. All of us face this same challenge – controlling our temper. How can we succeed? And, anyway, isn’t it healthy to release your anger every now and then?
Some in the mental health field have suggested that it is good to let your anger out occasionally. This is said to increase your self-esteem and clear the air in your relationship with others. It is even asserted that holding your anger in is bad. A recent study of 1,000 couples, however, revealed that letting their anger out had a far from calming effect on their relationship. On the contrary, verbal aggression often led to physical aggression. Anger tends to feed on itself. It will, then, inflame a situation rather than calming it down.
It is obviously the course of wisdom to control your anger. But how? The angry energy that we have built up must be dissipated in a controlled, non-destructive way. Taking a long walk, engaging in an activity you find relaxing, listening to music, taking a hot bath, watching a movie – all of these can help you to calm down.
Using insight can also help a person to control their anger. Insight is the ability to see into a situation, to get all the facts before taking action. By using insight, you may realize that there is little reason for you to get upset in the first place. Insight will also cause you to weigh the consequences of any retaliatory action. You’ll probably deduce that it’s not worth it.
Another way to slow down anger is to be careful about what you feed your mind. Much entertainment nowadays is packed with violence. And researchers are convinced that all of us are affected to some degree by the violence we see on the tv and movie screen.
There are many things out there that are likely to provoke us, By learning to control our emotions, however, we will soon find that our lives and those around us are far more contented, safe and peaceful. And that’s got to be worth making the effort.