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One day, you realize that you are moving in the direction of "seniority"! It's very scary to see the words "senior citizen" and come to the conclusion that the title refers to you! I have friends that would rather pay full price, than admit that they qualify for a discount because of their age! Somehow, to them, it's derogatory, demeaning...Rubbish! It's the time of your life, when you can get feisty, and not apologize for it (don't be too obnoxious). You can tell it like it is and people think you're being profound! You can wear outrageous outfits and get away with it (to a certain extent). You can usually get a good seat most anywhere. Get extra privileges at restaurants and flirt with the young waiters! Ah, life is delicious and all "seniors", get out there and participate! Your family will be glad to see you become an active member of the human race.

You know, I lost my husband 5 years ago to cancer, and at first I thought I should have died with him! I was so miserable! But I got a job in fast food! Yep! McDonalds! And it certainly gave me a new outlook on life: Seniors can compete with the younger set and have a good time at it! My friends were envious, to say the least, and really loved to listen to me talk about my job and the people I met. So one thing to remember is to keep your spirits high and to have a good out look on life. Reaching senior age is inevitable and you might as well take it in stride. Nobody wants to be around a grouch. You can be the same person you were at forty as you reach sixty (with a few more aches and pains), and take advantage of these perks that are there for you. To be called a "cool" Nana is a real compliment, coming from your grandson, and you can live off that "glow" for a long time!