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Volunteering can make the difference in people, especially teenagers. It teaches many important aspects and can benefit others and us at the same time. Teens can especially learn from this experience.

There are many negative reasons why teens usually do community service. Many volunteer to look vital to their community for advantages of getting accepted to college. It is also a way to assist being accepted into National Honor Society. Some must complete community service as a "punishment" for illegal behavior or trouble in school.

Teens have confusing situations and it's hard to get recognized for the positives in our lives. We are often are criticized on the destruction of the innocence of youth. The differences we can make in this world are phenomenal. Many teenagers have started their own non-profit organizations.

Sometimes it can be hard to start helping. Many people think it's all about raising and donating money. It is so much more. It can be helping hand out food at a homeless shelter, being a peer counselor, or babysitting for a struggling family. I define volunteering as doing something good for people, animals, and humanity, without pay or expectations of anything in return. It can be something simple or complex, but if it is helpful, it is worthwhile. Just offering your ear, giving a hug, or sharing a smile with a stranger helps. I always believed the little things in life could bring in so many rewards.

It also helps to relieve some of the greed all people can have. There are times when we all want so many material things, yet we must know that we need to give back to those who have more essential needs.

Love is the greatest emotion and this is one of the easiest ways to strongly feel love. When you see a smile on a child's face after you showed them how to play basketball, for instance, it makes you feel great inside. Helping, teaching, sharing, all these can change someone's whole perspective as well as your own. It may make the volunteer a better person.

Volunteering can provide job skills. Teens will be more productive after seeing the work they have done for others. It shows teens that they have acquired the same requirements for volunteering as they would for most part time jobs.

So get out and help the world heal itself and remember the New Radicals song, "You Get What You Give." It really may seem true someday and you would want the same in return.