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All most all teens anxiously await that day when they can take their first solo drive. It seems like it will never happen. When that time rolls around for your teen will he or she know what to do in case of an accident or an emergency? Here are some things you need to make sure your teen knows before you turn over the car keys.

· Teach them what all the gauges and indicator lights mean. Make sure they know what to do when a warning light comes on.
· Go over the procedure for changing a tire. Show them where to find the jack and lug wrench and how to put on the spare. Make sure they know to keep track of the lug nuts.
· Make sure they know where the hazard lights button is located.
· Show them how to set and release the parking brake.
· Show them where the car’s fluids go and how to check fluid levels.
· Teach them the colors of the car’s fluids so that they may identify the source of leaks.
· Show them where the car’s documents are; the registration and proof of insurance.
· Teach them how to respond to an accident. The best possible thing is to provide them with a little card with instructions on it to keep in the glove box or in a wallet.
· If you belong to an auto club, show your teen where to find the information about the roadside assistance available to them and how to arrange for service. Make sure your teen has a membership card, too.

We all want our kids to be safe and we will naturally worry about them when they are out with the car. You will give yourself a little piece of mind knowing that your teen is prepared for an emergency and your teen will have that peace of mind as well.