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Ever wonder how to get that guy or girl you've been crushing on to notice you? I'm sure all of us have had that one person we've gotten too nervous to speak around, or just acted completely the opposite way we've wanted to when we saw them coming our way. Surprisingly enough, there are things to do, and more importantly things not to do to actually get that guy or girl you're interested in to see what you may have to offer.
Sometimes the most critical points that people don't see are that guys and girls are completely different. So I ask, why would anyone use the same methods they think would attract them on the opposite sex?
Most guys are looking for a girl they can feel comfortable around, and as a teenager, definitely one who doesn't attach herself to him like a stick of gum to the bottom of your shoe. On the other hand, girls want the type of guy who is macho yet sweet, funny yet serious, smart and good-looking, basically the perfect guy. Of course, in both cases they both want someone they can relate to, thus, the first piece of advice I will give is to find someone you have things in common with, and never, ever fake it! However, how the girl gets the perfect guy and how the guy becomes perfect are questions that must be answered separately.
First off, I'll start with the guys, since everyone knows that girls are so much harder to figure out. Obviously, the perfect guy is very hard to find and most of you guys are not going to be the perfect guy. Despite your imperfections, there are definitely ways to make it seem like you are that ideal man. No girl likes a guy who only talks about sports, or constantly brags about themselves, so expand your horizons. Try to find out what the girl likes to do and learn a little more about it so you can start a conversation with her. Introduce her to your friends, because knowing people always make new situations easier.
And if you're not blessed with the good looks of Brad Pitt, then spice up your personality because intellect, a great sense of humor or even just a plain sweet guy can almost always win a girl's heart. Finally, the great secret that no guy can ever seem to figure out is that every single girl wants a manly guy, someone they feel protected with no matter what they say! However they don't want a macho guy with no brains, but rather someone sensitive, but not whipped!
Now, the secret to getting guys, because trust me I've dated enough different types of them to discover the common ground between them all. Secret number one starts with the old saying that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." Completely true! Do you ever find yourself missing the gum beneath your shoe? Well, I'm sure you don't ever miss gum stuck to your shoe anyway, but you get the point. No one wants a clingy girl, and if he's the type of guy who wants to be around you all the time, then a little distance will make him like you even more.
Another key to getting the guy you like is to involve yourself in what he likes to do without making it seem that you are doing it only for him. So what if you don't play football? Watch a game or two and comment on how fun it was to watch. Bottom line is that there are ways to involve yourself in his life without becoming a victim to it; find the wonderful balance.
And if you want to know how to let him know you like him without being obvious try talking to him first and testing out the old "We should really hang out sometime," line and invite him on a group date first. Hopefully, if it goes well the group dates will lead to one and one dates between you and your love interest. These days, guys are starting to get as shy as girls, so if they're not the ones asking for your numbers, gather your nerves up and go ask them. You'd be surprised at how much guys love being the ones to be hit on once in awhile!
So now that you know what it takes to get that date, try it out and go for it. There's nothing better than the satisfaction of setting a goal and achieving it in the end. And just remember for everyone, no one likes gum at the bottom of their shoe!