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Cellular phone prices have fallen so that most American families can afford the portable device. The major companies like Sprint, Prime Co, AT&T, and GTE have all started making special sales where a buyer can get a free phone and free features like free long distance, free weekends and wireless web.
With the lower prices parents are finding that their teenagers would benefit from a cellular phone. First, in case of emergencies, the phone provides a safety net. Second the phone allows for parents to reach their child at all times making it an invaluable device when plans change or something exciting occurs. Finally, the phones are now the size of beepers so the children do not look silly holding a phone everywhere.
With all these benefits there are a few disadvantages. Some companies sneak in roaming charges and other hidden unexpected features. Reading the contract is very important and can keep you from getting burned. Also, the digital phones sometimes lose their ability when one is underground, in a high rise or out of a major city.
The cell phone provides convenience for both the parents and teenagers, however, one must be very careful to look over the contract to make it a worthwhile investment. In times of emergency, most parents and teenagers will feel quite good that the little cell phone can provide timely assistance.