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One of the most difficult parts of arranging a Bar or Bat-Mitzvah party is picking the theme. In order to pick a theme one must first decide what type of party you would like to have.

The first decision that must be made is to decide if it is going to be a “kids only” party, or a mix of adults and children. One must also decide what kind of dress attire will be worn to the party. After these decisions are made then one can start thinking of a specific theme for the party.

One of the classic themes for a Bar Mitzvah is the sports theme. This theme is always a safe theme to choose. The child can choose whatever sport he or she enjoys playing and base the party around that. The centerpieces can be made using the different equipment used in that particular sport. The blown up picture of the Bar-Mitzvah child can be taken while he or she is playing the specific sport. This theme is always a cute theme to use if you want to keep it simple, and not too costly.

Another fun theme to use is the celebrity theme. This theme may hurt the wallet a little more than most of the themes. In order to make this theme work the party room must be filled with life-size pictures of any celebrities that you wish. Also, the centerpieces can range from movie reels, to Hollywood memorabilia, to more pictures of famous people. Some cute favors to give out are pictures of the guests with their favorite celebrities. Those pictures can be put into pins or made into magnets if the right people are hired to do the job.

Another pricey theme that is a lot of fun for a “kids” type party is the casino theme. This is definitely one of the most exciting types of parties for the children. In order to pull this party off you will have to hire a casino service to work the affair. Blackjack tables, Poker tables, and Roulette wheels keep the children entertained for hours.

The best way to help out others while having a cool Bar or Bat-Mitzvah is to have a feed the hungry theme. Each centerpiece is a food basket and there are some other decorations around the party. Each food basket is donated after the party to a food shelter or to a homeless program.

A color theme works well if you want to have a cool looking party and keep it at a low cost. Pick three or four colors and use them in all the decorations. Balloons, centerpieces, tablecloth, and the cake can all match. This is a good theme for a dressy affair.

The final theme for a creative party is a candy theme. Different types of candy can be the centerpieces and the kids can eat them throughout the night. There can be candy scattered among the tables to look fun and party-like.

Have fun picking out the theme for your son or daughter and do not worry because whatever you choose will be a hit. Don’t forget to have fun with it and make sure you have a good time. Mazel Tov.