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The first thing to remember is that although it’s necessary for safety, baby doesn’t like riding in his car seat. While you can’t break the rules and take him out—it isn’t worth the risk—you can plan on making stops to let your child stretch out a bit. It’s also good for the parents to get a break from the road, the screaming and the frustration. Don’t forget that it isn’t much better waiting for a canceled flight in an airport. At least you have a little more control in the car.

One reason baby might be so upset is that she has to ride alone in the back. It helps a lot if you can have someone ride in back with the little one to keep her entertained and get her mind off the seatbelt. Bring plenty of toys from home so baby will have some distractions of his own, too.

Another way to keep baby from getting too upset is good old positive reinforcement. If your child loves the water, make sure you stop at motels with pools. A cool swim and all of those negative vibes from the car will be washed away. There are other ways to reward your child for making the trip too—favorite foods, games or toys.

Babies can be unrelenting in their screaming. It’s not easy to listen to, especially since you’re tired of the car, too. If the yelling doesn’t seem to stop, bring earplugs. At least when baby is all screamed out, he’ll go to sleep, which is when you really need to make good time.

Lastly, show your child that you’re wearing a seatbelt, too. It might not seem so bad once she realizes you’re all in the same boat, or car in this case.