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How many times have you bought your child an expensive toy to have them prefer the box? How many times have you looked at your trash can and wished you had less trash? Well how would you like to provide toys for your children and lessen the amount of trash?

Now I have your interest I will explain how you can accomplish this. I am not going to give you step by step directions, but rather give you ideas and suggestions and let your imagination take over.

Many laundry soaps come in cardboard boxes, how about some large size blocks? Fill with old newspapers or magazines, seal the lid with glue or tape, cover with contact paper, or material, and you have large building blocks for small children. If they are too heavy when filled with paper, then just seal the top. You won't be crying about the expense when they get broken.

Large appliance boxes can make a wonderful castle, doll house, race car, or gingerbread house. Cut some windows and doors, paint if you like, and then let the kids' imaginations go.

Want an inexpensive board game for your youngster? How about a map glued on some stiff cardboard, mark a path with tape, use poker chips for counters and dice. You can create your own rules, and game play. A nice way to learn about where you live.

Plastic lids from coffee cans make great throwing toys. Use a laundry basket as a target, and count points for everyone that makes it in. Soda bottles filled with sand and a large ball make a great bowling game.

Save the stickers in 'junk' mail as rewards for good behavior, or to make pictures with. Preschoolers love them. I have an old shoe box that I save them in, and they are handy for rainy day projects.

Cut alphabet letters and numbers from plastic lids, the kids will have fun playing with them and learn their letters quickly.

Make lacing cards from cereal boxes. Cut out a picture, punch holes around the edge, and add a shoe lace. You can also string buttons, beads and noodles on shoe laces. Paint the macaroni with bright colored paints for something different.

Need a rattle for baby, a large size pill bottle with label removed, add a few beans, dried peas, or some rice, glue the lid on and let them shake. I keep several on hand with different things in them for the sound/visual effects.

Need a quiet pounding toy for a child? Fill a coffee can with old socks and let them hit the plastic lid which you have glued on.

Sock puppets are fun, and the kids will have a ball creating different characters.

Old dishsoap bottles well rinsed make great summer squirt guns.

Save several vegetable cans, attach to a board, fill each one with a different amount of water, and let them make music by tapping on the cans.

Save your used thread spools, strung together they make a snake, or a counting tool for math. Attach to a small box, and they become wheels for a car.

Use your imagination, your child will have fun, and learn a lot about recyling from you. Not to mention they will enjoy helping to make thier toys.