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If your child is approaching the point where you think it's time to think about getting them out of diapers and potty training them, here are some tips to make the transition easier.

Most children begin potty training sometime at the beginning or end of their second year. It is possible to start sooner, but you nay find that your success is delayed if you start too early.

If your child starts showing an interest in the potty or can tell you when they have a dirty diaper,a the time is right.

Also keep in mind that your child should be able to pull down his or her pants and get onto the toilet with little assistance for this to be successful.

Buy a book or video that explains the process before you start. Read or watch it several times and tell your child that soon he/she will be going on the potty.

Explain to your child that now he is a big kid and besides doing all the other "big kid" things, he is now ready to say goodbye to his diapers.

Once you decide to do it, just do it. Don't go back and forth between diapers and underpants...this will only confuse your child.

On the day you decide to start, make a big deal out of getting rid of the changing pad, diapers, etc. Plan to be in the house (or nearby) for the day and dress your child in as little clothing as possible.

Tell your child that he should tell you anytimne he feels like he needs to go. In addition, ask him every hour or so and have him sit down and try every few hours if he hasn;t gone on his own.

Sit in the bathroom and read a book or sing songs with him, this will make the whole process less frightening.

Praise and reward his successes and minimalize his failures. Remember, he is just learning and he is going to have some accidents. If you make a big deal out of them it will just put more pressure on him.

Consider buying disposable training pants for naps and nighttime. Many children are trained during the day before they can go all night.

Be patient, potty training, like anything else takes time. If you wait until your child is ready and do not pressure him, your odds for success will be much better, much more quickly.