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In the beginning, a child communicates to you his problems or wants through
a combination of pointing, crying, and body movement. Between the the ages
of nine to fourteen months your child will begin form his first words. You
need to try and decipher this new, seemingly foreign tongue your child is
speaking. By understanding what your child is saying you can react and
praise their progress.

First words.
The first word your child utters is a moment that you will never forget.
This is first step towards forming sentences and moving toward conversation.
Celebrate their achievement and encourage more talk. Your child
recognizes praise and will strive to make you proud again and again.

Toddler talking tips.
Show your toddler your mouth when you speak. This is how your child learns
to make sounds and say words. They will mimic your movements and sounds, so
speak clearly. Repeating words will help your child get used to sounds and
will help them learn to say those words. Talk to your child about what it
means to eat, go to bed, play or read. Soon they will say what is happening
or what they are doing.

Turning words into conversation.
Once your child turns a year old, they will likely be interested in holding
a conversation. They will use more words and ask questions and questions.
They will expect you to respond with more and more information. This is
first type conversation they will be able to hold. Soon they will want to
form conversations around what they think or other things they have to say.
Make sure to ask them questions they can answer so as to encourage them.

Learning the Language.
The more you encourage your child the more they will learn. By teaching
your child new words daily, they will be more likely to want to use those
words in conversation. Once they reach school age they may be ahead other
children and have a much easier time in school.