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Tandem nursing is nursing two or more babies or toddlers at the same time. A mother may have some concerns about tandem nursing, but the advantages well out weigh the disadvantages.

Some of the concerns may start during the pregnancy. There have been studies that have proven that in a healthy pregnancy, nursing is completely safe. However, one needs to be taking vitamins and eating healthy. There is also no evidence that nursing through a pregnancy increases the risk of pre-term or low birth weight. In my personal experience, my first baby was seven pounds and my second was nearly ten pounds. I nursed the whole pregnancy and let them both wean naturally, when they were ready. I always had sufficient milk supply. Milk supply is through supply and demand. The supply comes in and the more one nurses the more the milk comes in. Usually, a toddler will slow down during the last trimester and pick back up when the baby is born. This will not last. It is just a transition period. Soon after, toddler will go back to nursing at nap and nighttime.

Nursing has been proven to cut down on allergies,it provides antibodies that are needed to fight infections and also helps ones uterus to regain its pre-pregnancy shape. None of these factors are affected by nursing a toddler and a newborn. Also studies have now proven that nursing into the second year has just as many benifits as the first year.

The biggest obstacle one has to overcome is the criticism from friends and family. Most of the time this is meant well, however they just do not know anything about this. Both children will grow-up well adjusted because they were given this natural start to life. The best thing to do is what you feel. God has given every woman a natural instinct to her children and it is best to search youself and keep other opinions out of it. Sometimes when one hasn't experienced nursing they can't possibly undrestand mom or child,