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During the summer months, there's nothing better for adults and kids alike than taking a dip in a nice cool swimming pool. You'll have a lot of fun in the pool, but there are certain safety tips you should consider, or those fun times could easily turn into disasters.

• Have lifesaving equipment alongside the pool at all times. Make sure you have a first-aid kit on hand, as well as a lifejacket, innertube, and other equipment.
• Make sure you keep glass clear from the swimming pool area. If glass happens to break, people in the pool can get injured. Injuries inside the swimming pool are not good, as they require much more considerations in order to first retrieve the person from the pool.
• Make sure the depths of your pool are clearly marked. Make sure everyone swimming in your pool knows exactly how deep the water is, so young people won't wander into deep ends when they don't want to be there.
• Make sure your pool deck is made or treated with slip-resistant materials. Slipping and injuring yourself on the deck could mean someone could fall, slip in to the pool, and injure themselves – possibly their heads – on the hard pool bottoms.
• Make sure you have plenty of hand rails where that's appropriate. When surfaces become wet, they become more slippery than usual, and you want to make sure you have plenty of places you can grab hold.
• Don't swim alone. Always swim with someone else, in case an accident happens.
• Don't swim if you're under the influence of alcohol.
• Don't horse around in the water. This can lead to unwanted injuries.
• Don't swim within a half hour after eating. Some people believe this can cause stomach cramps.