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We all want the Eddie Bauer eddition stroller that is self-propelled, motorized, and comes with every little gadget imaginable. But, is that million dollar stroller really practical? Before you hurl yourself at the check-out lane, imagining the envious stares of other parents, you need to ask yourself a few questions.
First of all, is that magic stroller even within your budget? If it's not, you need to keep searching until you find one better suited to your budget.
Another important question; If you buy the wonder-on-wheels, is your vehicle even big enough to tote it around? If you're sporting a stroller bigger than your car, well, I don't think I'll have to finish that sentence!
Another thing to be decided; Are you even going to use that thing? If so, are you going to use it enough to get your money's worth out of it? In more cases than not, the big, bulky stroller is purchased then rarely ever used because it is more of a nusiance than not.
Last of all, you need to consider your child's comfort. Just because it proudly sports the latest in attractions does not mean it will be comfortable. Most stores will allow you to strap your child in and try stroller's out before you purchase them. Do just that and pick the one your baby likes best. (In cases where the stroller is purchased before the baby arrives, take suggestions from friends and family members who have experience in this area.) It just might turn out that the stroller fit for you is the $10 number you were oggling in the first place!