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There are so many things about pregnancy that are good; your child's first little move or kick, the wonderful expanding belly that everyone loves to rub, decorating the nursery with your hubby, imagining the wonderful things you and your child will do together.

But, there are also some very frightening things as well. Not only do you have to deal with your expanding body, but you have to be able to compensate for the added weight that can become a problem. You may have trouble breathing because the pressure from the baby, you may not be able to sleep because there is usually no way to get comfortable when your tummy is sticking out three feet. Some people experience mild to severe swelling that makes it hard to stand, walk, or even sleep. Also, there is always the risk of high blood pressure which can be related to toxemia, common in first time mothers.

On top of all of these physical aspects comes the emotional aspect. You worry constantly about whether you and your child will even make it through the pregnancy. This is common, even in mothers who are experiencing no complications at all. Most worry that they might not be a good mothers, that they won't know how to properly care for a newborn, or let alone know how to raise this child to adulthood. Additionally, there is always the one problem that has plagued expecting mothers from the very beginning of time; all the added weight. I gained forty-five pounds with my daughter and I had a very hard time dealing with it while I was pregnant. I didn't think I would ever be skinny again and I thought I would give all the chocolate in the world if I could fit into a pair of jeans once more. And as long and drawn-out as it all was, it was actually no time at all before I was successfully back in my favorite pair, relishing the feel of jeans that weren't materinity! On top of that, it was hard to deal with all the added weight. Going from 134 to nearly 180 is hard to manage. Your body, for one, is not used to hauling all this around, as well as being the main supplier of nutrients to another little body, therefore this is the reason you always see tired pregnant women. Don't worry, this is common. Rest, relax, and take a nap, because I garrauntee you won't after the little one gets here.

The mental aspect of pregnancy is also very important. There were many times that I thought I actually might go insane from being pregnant. I got so sick of eating that I never wanted to see food again, but that was not logical, especially since I needed to eat a lot once my pregnancy became advanced. As well, I got so tired of not being able to sleep, not able to breath, not able to do the things I had always enjoyed that it really started bothering me. I was able to see myself through this without professional help, but if it becomes too much for you and you have thoughts that you don't think are right, you need to seek help immediately, for your sake, as well as for your child's sake.

Another thing that is important to understand about pregnancy is that there just might be complications along the way. The way to help prevent this and be prepared for the unexpected is to get good prenatal care as soon as you suspect that you're pregnant. If complications do arise, review your choices, ask your doctor ALL the questions that seem important or even not important and become informed about the situation at hand. The more you know about what is happening to you and your child, the better able you are to make the decisions that could save the life of your child and yourself.

And, last but not least of all, delivery. I thought that I knew what I was getting into when I was pregnant. Not too long into my delivery I found out that I had actually gone into this thing blindfolded. The most important advice that I can give you is to TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! Ask all that questions you want to, it doesn't matter if your doctor seems put-out with you. Ask anyway! You will be better off if you do. I did not ask my doctor about hospital policies, about epidural, about standard proceedures before, during, and after delivery. I was terribly upset at myself for not asking while I was still pregnant. If I had, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and heartache just by asking a few questions and stating my opinion on a few things.

Just remember that pregnancy is a time to relax and enjoy the changes in your body, if at all possible. Become VERY informed once you discover you're pregnant and try not to worry so much.