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Rasing a child on your own is not only a financial burden, but there is always alot of guilt not having a father for your child and single mom's always wonder whether or not they are doing a good job at parenting. Below are the things you can do to raise a child successfully on your own.

1// Never talk negatively about the absent father. When the child asks about His/Her dad, try to be honest about the situation. Do not say anything that will hurt the child. Let the child knows that He/She is wanted and love by you and others.

2// Do not complain in front of the child about any problems being a single Mom. Avoid making sarcastic remark about men. Since this was a personal choice to become a single Mom,You may want the child to reciprocate as He/She gets older, but that is not fair. Do not expect anything from your child, except love and respect.

3// Ask for support with other single Mothers, you can take turns baby-sitting each others kids to save money on baby-sitting. This will also give you a relief of being away from your child and you can do things for yourself . Try to live close to family members, so they can help you raise the child.

4// Plan a budget for everything, food, day care, clothes saving, activities and more. Since you are your child's only source of income, spend money only when needed.

5// If money is an issue, sue the father for child support, if it is possible. Most child support goes uncollected, and also this is a very long process, if the father wants to stop paying child support, all he has to do is change jobs, and you will have to start the whole process all over again. Do not depend on child support payment to feed your child.

6// Go out and make new friends and date, but do not introduce your child to any man, not unless he will be in your life permanently.

7//Raise your child to believe that education and family values is very important, although you did not follow that footstep.