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Ever find yourself sitting inside on a rainy day with nothing for you or your children to do? Try a few of these sure fire ideas to get you back into the swing of things and out of those rainy day blues!

1. Finger painting always puts a smile on both the child, and the parent's face. Make pictures to hang in their room, hallways, refrigerator, or even to give to Grandma.

2. Magnets. Very easy and they can be used for just about any occasion.

3. Finger puppets. These can be made out of old socks, paper bags, or any other household item.

4. Paper dolls. This used to be my personal favorite and is very popular with the young ladies.

5. Not really a craft, but you could play dress-up. Let the girls wear make-up, the boys wear their dad's tux, and prance around the house like you are millionaires!

No matter what you do, just spend time with them, that will clear the blues faster than anything..for you and them!