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If it is ever raining outside you should never have a problem thinking of something to do with the family. Rain is not always the enemy when finding something to do. Rain can sometimes be a blessing when you are with a family. It means you will spend some time together with the family, without everyone running around outside.
One of the most common things to do on a rainy day is take the family to the movies. This is always a guaranteed good time, yet it is quite expensive. This is an activity the entire family can enjoy.
A fun activity to do when it is raining is to go ice-skating. It does not rain on any ice skating rink that I know of. Make sure you are careful because ice-skating can be a very tough sport to do.
A great sport to play when it is raining is tennis. You can go to a local gym and hit balls against the wall. This is a fun and challenging game the whole family can get in on. If it is just the father and son than you two can have a good time playing baseball at a batting cage. They also have some softball cages there to practice on.
Another rainy day activity to do with the family is to go out for a nice meal. You can get everyone dressed up and ready to go out for a meal at a nice restaurant. This always causes everyone to forget about the miserable day outside. This may also be a little pricey.
Bowling is a great rainy day activity for the entire family. This tends to be a little cheaper than a movie and it is also a lot louder than a movie. Family games of bowling often get a little competitive. So be careful no one gets his or her feelings hurt.
The museum is a wonderful rainy day activity. This gives the whole family a time to learn a thing or two and have a good time doing it. The museum is never expensive and it is always open during the day. Rainy days are always a reason to go to the museum.
A great activity that the entire family can have a blast with is cooking a wonderful meal. Spend an hour at the store together gathering the ingredients and then go home and cook up a gourmet meal. At the end of the day you can all sit down and enjoy what you have created.
Staying inside your home and playing board games with the family is a lot of fun when the sun isn’t shining. Monopoly, Taboo, Scategories are all great games that the whole family can enjoy.
Another fun activity to do with the family is to go roller-skating. This is fun if everyone knows how to roller-skate. You can also go ice-skating if that sounds more fun.
All of these rainy day activities will be a hit with the family. I hope you enjoy spending those quality rainy day with your children or parents. Make each rainy day a time enjoying the company of your loved ones.