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Quality Time for your children reassures them that the Love you feel for them is still there and its strong. A child will always be a child. For a moment, let's think about when we were children. I craved my Father and Mother's attention. I wanted them to watch me make a perfect dive into the pool, or watch how high I could climb a tree. I would yell, "Watch this, Mom!" over and over. And she would always, patiently watch, clap and give alittle yell, when I did something fantastic. We seek our parents praise and approval in everything we do. Why not give them a Gift of Love - Quality Time.

What is Quality Time to your Children? Why don't you ask them? Mine tell me all the time. "Mom, listen to this song I can play on the piano!", "Can you read to me?" or Can I read this book to you?". Or when relating a TV show "funny" or New Movie Preview, they want my undivided attention (that means put down whatever I have in my hands and give them ALL my attention). They know me well enough to know when I'm not really hearing them, even though I have dropped everything to turn to them. If I'm listening, I will smile and make appropriate comments or ask questions regarding their story. That's what they Love, the conversation - the interaction of Parent and Child. More ways to interact or give your child quality time: play games, either board games, card games, ball games, made-up games, or teach him or her a game you played when you were growing up. I've taught my children games like Skyhinny (an outdoor game, similar to baseball), Jacks, Magic Card Tricks, and board games like Trouble, Monopoly and Scrabble. My husband loves competition and has taught my son and 2 daughters to throw a football like the high school athletes do, dribble and shoot baskets, baseball and card games. Chess will be next, I assume. Parents have so much to share with our children. We have wonderful stories of our past that the children would love to hear about.

One Important Note: Quality Time involves only ONE CHILD at a time! It's so important that this child have individual time with that parent. If your children has only one parent, an Aunt, Uncle or Mentor who can give one on one attention, is Highly Recommended! And children NEED this even at the High School level. As a matter a fact, we really never stop craving that one on one time- the Quality Time- with our Parents.

So if your child seems irritable, frustrated, a bit angry and unhappy with everything in his life, including himself, it may be time for some Quality Time! He'll/She'll always remember those special times just the two of you had while growing up.

Finding Quality Time is really up to the Parent. It's important to make the time for each child even if you have to juggle things a bit. While one is at piano lessons, you can squeezed some relaxed time reading a book or playing a game with another child. But when things are getting hectic, and you feel there is no Quality Time; a smile,a wink, pat or hug, a word of praise, or a combination of all of these will go a long way in making your Boy or Girl feel tremondous Love! And knowing that they can go out and conquer the World!