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When your child is ready to begin using the toilet, you can make it a fun and easy experience for both of you! You CAN do it in just one day!

To toilet-train your child in one day, you must be prepared. The night before the “Big Day,” do the following.

1. Decide if you will use a “potty chair,” or regular adult-sized toilet. If the big toilet will be used, have a small step stool ready so your child can use it to get on the toilet.

2. Make a large container-full of one of your child’s favorite beverages. You might choose to make Kool-Aid or juice. If you will be using juice, or a sugared drink, dilute it slightly so your child will not get a tummy ache from drinking too much. But, leave it tasty enough that your child will want to drink it.

If possible, prepare an alternate drink, such as chocolate milk. Remember, you want your child to drink a lot, and it helps to have another choice.

3. Have several pairs of “pretty” or “handsome” real underwear ready.

4. Get a package of “Pull-Ups” style pants. If your child has already used these, get a totally different kind. It must look like nothing they have ever used.

5. Be sure both you and your child get a good night’s sleep! You have a BIG DAY ahead!

6. Clear tomorrow’s calendar. You will need to be able to devote the entire day to toilet-training your child.

The “Big Day” is here.

This is what you will do:

1. Dress your child in a shirt and “real” underwear. Do not put pants on them, because it must be easy for them to use the toilet quickly.

2. Explain to your child what this special day is all about. Tell them something like, “Today you are going to learn how to use the toilet! You will never need to wear diapers again! This is a happy day!”

Note: If your child has been fighting you on toilet-training, you may decide it is better NOT to explain what this day is all about. Just do it.

3. Show your child the potty chair or toilet they will be using and tell them, “When you have to go potty (or whatever word you use), you will go here.”

4. Every half hour, offer your child a drink of their favorite beverage.

5. Five minutes after every drink, ask the child “Are your pants wet?”

6. Have your child feel their underwear. Have them actually put their hand on their underwear and feel for wetness.

7. Now, as they feel their underwear, ask, “Do you have to use the toilet?”

8. Continue to offer the drink every half hour and have them feel their underwear.

9. Continue to ask them if they have to use the toilet.

After your child has had a few drinks, they will need to use the toilet. Help them to take down their underwear and use the toilet or potty chair.

When they have been successful, tell them something like, “Wow! I knew you could do it! That is so great!”

Then, continue to offer the drinks and ask them if their pants are wet. Soon, your child will begin to run for the toilet or potty chair. You may not even have to ask every time.

It is very important for you to do this routine all day long. When you break for breakfast and lunch, continue to offer a lot of the drink.

If your child has an accident, do not scold them. Clean them up and have them put on another pair of underwear.

Tell them something like, “Uh, oh! I guess we’d better be more careful.”

Then, ask them slightly more often if their pants are wet.

By evening, your child will have used the toilet many times. When it is time for them to go to bed, bring out the “Pull-Ups”-type product. Tell them something like, “These are your new night time underwear. When they are dry every morning for a whole week, you will not wear them anymore.” Never refer to these as diapers.

If possible, allow your child to wear only a shirt and underwear for a few more days when they are home. This makes it easier for them to make a run to the toilet and get there in time. You might want to occasionally ask them if their pants are dry. This simply reinforces what they have learned.

When the night time underwear has been dry every morning for a week, allow your child to wear regular under pants to bed.

Congratulations! You and your child have done it! No more diapers!