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Organizing child-proof parties means anticipating party hazards and preventing their occurrences. This will create a safe, accident-free party and set all parents' minds at ease. It is necessary to child-proof the environment in which the party is held. For an indoor party, do a sweeping check of all the furnishings and decorations. Place all fragile items high up out-of-reach of children. Any table displays should also be kept away. Needless to say, ban all kids from the kitchen area where utensils, detergents and other hazards are. Close the kitchen doors or place temporary barriers to bar children from entering.

Since balloons are a must for every children's party, blow them up but ensure that they are not too big to stretch the elastic to its limit. Bursting balloons are frightening to small kids. If they play with the deflated or burst balloons, it becomes a potential choking hazard. It also pays to remember removing all empty plastic bags after the goodies are finished. Plastic bags are not toys and may cause suffocation if placed over the head.

If you're packing goodie bags for the children to bring home, check that the sweets and toys are age-appropriate. Small sweets or toys are unsuitable for kids below 3 years as they pose choking hazards.

If you're organizing a pool party, never leave the kids unsupervised. Drowning is a common childhood accident even for swimmers. Instruct children not to run around the pool area as they may accidentally fall into the pool. Children who are non-swimmers should be banned from going into the water. Warn all children against diving into the shallow end of the pool. This prevents head and spinal injuries. The kids must also steer clear away from the powerful suction drains. It is safer to have an adult in the water or watching at the pool-side to jump into the water when there is any emergency.

As the hostess of the party, it is also your responsibility to ensure that the children don't get sunburned at an outdoor party. Apply sunscreen or sunblock for all the kids. For pool parties, be aware that water reflects sunlight which bounces onto the surroundings and children. Sunblock needs to be re-applied after a dip in the water.

For your table settings, keep in mind not to use fragile crockery. If you must, place the breakable crockery at the center of the table to avoid accidental breakage. Avoid serving anything hot to avoid injuries from scalding. If there is any spillage, you should wipe them clean immediately to avoid falls on slippery floors.

It is best to serve only finger foods to avoid the use of utensils like forks and spoons. Even plastic forks are potential weapons endangering the safety of small tots. Avoid using table cloths as the kids may pull on the edges and accidentally pull off everything on the table. There won't be any party without the food! Eating and playing simultaneously is forbidden to prevent choking hazards. Serve only small pieces of bite size foods to prevent choking.