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There is nothing more delightful than giving a party for a child. With the rising cost of party supplies, any party today can get quite expensive. The plates, napkins, cake, table cover and decorations will take a bite out of your budget, but purchasing party favors can be one of the most expensive items. If you are a person who would like to personalize your party favors by making them yourself, here are some inexpensive and simple ideas.
Sticks of gum, lifesavers and small rubber bands make super airplanes for a boy's party. Thread the rubber band through the lifesavers and then run a stick of gum through the looped ends of the rubber band. Place a second stick of gum though the middle of the two lifesavers. Then work the wings (first piece of gum) and wheels (lifesavers) forward until you have an airplane.
Party favor bags are simple to make with colored tissue paper, plastic sandwich bags and curly ribbon. Cut open one of the sandwich bags and use it as a pattern to cut equal size pieces of tissue paper. When the tissue paper is cut, insert one piece into each sandwich bag. Fill with candy or other party favors. Tie the top with curly ribbon. This is especially nice because you can coordinate your party colors with the bags.
If you want to do something special that will give each child a special gift to help them remember the party you can make party globes. You will need small, clean baby food jars and lids, spray paint that goes with your party theme, two large bottles of glycerin, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, small plastic confetti, stars, glitter or ultralucent snow and small plastic party favors that will fit inside the jar. Begin by cleaning the lids and jars thoroughly. When they are completely dry, spray paint the outside of each lid. Hot glue a small party favor to the center of each lid. Fill each jar half full of glycerin. Then fill to the top with water. Drop in a tablespoon of small plastic confetti or what ever you have chosen to use. Hot glue the inside edges of the lids and immediately screw them on. When this is dry, hot glue the outside edges around the lid. Allow to dry. You can personalize party globes by painting in each child's name and hot gluing short tufts of curly ribbon to the top.
Balloons can be personalized for a child's party by writing in the name of each guest with a glitter pen. A small block of dry ice in a koolaid punch sends out waves of smoke that delights children. A simple pencil can become an exciting party favor when you attach eight 6 inch strings of shiny curly ribbon to the eraser with a small nail, tack or even hot glue. These are called swirlies and children love to roll them through their palms to make them swirl. Be sure to use a dab of hot glue over the tack or nail to protect from snags.