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Many parents find themselves at a loss over what to speak with their child's teacher about when conference time comes around. Sure, the report card will be discussed, but then what should the diligent parent be prepared to talk about?
It's a great idea to jot down questions a few days before the conference. Since most of these meetings last just fifteen or twenty minutes, if you're not prepared, you'll undoubtedly find yourself back in your car still wondering about some specifics in your child's school work.
Here are some things that you might want to review with the teacher at conference time:
Discuss with your child's teacher whether your child is able to complete his work independently. Does she dawdle, look around the room or out the window, or try to entice a classmate to conversation, or does she sit and work well by herself? Talk this over with the teacher to find out what type of student your child is. If your child is having trouble working by herself, ask the teacher how she is handling the situation, and what types of things you can be doing with your child at home.
Ask the teacher how your child gets along with his peers. Does he mesh well with other students, stay with his small group, or spend most of his day by himself? Query her as to if she sees your child's behavior in a positive light, and ask her if she has any suggestions in this area.
Discuss with the teacher what she perceives your child's strengths to be. Is he outgoing, always eager to engage in class discussions? Is he someone who enjoys peer tutoring other students? Does he always hand in work that is his best?
There are many facets of your child that you, as his parent, don't see while he is at school. Use the conference opportunity to gain some insight to his school day, and find out ways that you can make your child the best student he can be.