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Kids today are so busy clicking the mouse on their pc and moving the joystick on their 64. What ever happened to old fashioned fun? I remember being mesmerized while looking at my marble collection. Playing for hours, and for keeps, it was serious business. So many beautiful colors, solids and cat's eyes. Marbles were a boy's (and sometimes, girl's) pride and joy.

Jumping rope from morning until nightfall. Alone, or with others. I always thought jumping into a rope was harder than doing it alone. Some kids, I remember were jump rope experts, changing legs, hopping on one foot, even double dutching!

Hopscotch was always a favorite at school and anywhere there was concrete. Pick your throwing piece, a rock, a stick, a pebble, a chain, a quarter. Hopscotch was a sinch, good balance, that's what you needed, and good aim to throw your token in the right numbered box!

Leap frog, no brainer. We just looked like a bunch of frogs hopping around.

Jacks, that was always a popular game, but it took alot of skill. Even as an adult, I find it challenging. Extremely good coordination, it takes.

Pick up sticks, what fun, but a tedious game, high stress level because it takes coordination, balance, concentration, and very steady hands! Dominoes was another old fashioned game. I remember playing it with kids and with adults.

I even loved playing with the smooth black squares with the cool indented white spots. Stacking them was fun, but setting them up for a domino fall effect was the funnest, coolest thing you could do as a kid. Taking such time and hard work to set them up, then its all gone in an instant.

Chinese checkers and backgammon, not ones I played, yet worth mentioning for those of you who have played them.

Checkers, chess and hangman, three of my favorites.

Reading, reading, reading!!! Monopoly and Life and most any board game can be so fun and rewarding, also good bonding time.

Remember outdoor games such as hide and seek, freeze tag, 1,2,3 red light, a tisket-a tasket, mother may I?, Simon Says?

Playing frisbee and almost any ball game was cool.

Playing cards, go fish, old maid!

I loved my yoyo! Yellow or red or blue and the see through ones were the coolest! And the butterfly ones? WOW!!!!!

I often wonder if our kids will ever throw a baseball or beat grandpa at checkers? Kids today don't know HOW to PLAY. There is no longer imagination and communication today. Try something. Have your kids choose from among the above list of old fashioned activities. They will, end up stimulating their imagination and having fun!