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brown lunch bag
fast drying acrylic paint
paint brushes
construction paper
black magic marker
OPTIONAL: feathers, beads, ribbons.

Lay your paper bag flat on the table. (I like to cover the table with newspaper). Paint the background color of your choice. You may use one color for the face, and one for the body. Let this dry.

While waiting for your bag to dry cut out eyes from contruction paper. If it is a people puppet, cut out white for the background eye, and a circle for the color part of the eye. Glue the circle to your white eye background. Make two and set aside.

For an animal puppet cut out a black background eye, and a center circle in a color.

The nose can be done with black magic marker or cut out of construction paper.

Put the bottom of the bag at the top. This will be the head of your puppet.
The mouth is done in two parts. The upper part of the lips goes on the head, and directly under put the lower part of the lips. When you put your hands in the bag you can make it look like the puppet can open it's mouth.

Animal puppets can have pink or red tongues coming out of the bottom lip.

Add construction paper arms and hands. Use a ruler to draw your lines. To give it more dimension fold the arms according style. Glue on to the bag.

The body of the puppet can have the look of clothes such as construction paper buttons, a paper bow tie.

Use the ruler again and make straight legs and feet. Try the dimensional fold for an interesting effect.

Depending on what design you use you can add feathers, ribbons, or other ornaments but make sure everything is light or the bag will be too heavy and might fall apart.

When the glue is dry you can play with your puppet.


White paper plate (not styrofoam type)
construction paper
popsickle stick (These are sold in craft shops)
Optional: feathers, ribbons, yarn

Will your puppet be an animal or a person? Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from construction paper. Add construction paper ears. Glue these on either side of the plate. Use your magic markers to add features such as eyebrows or mustache. Glue on yarn for hair or feathers. If it is a girl puppet you can tie the yarn in a braid and finish with ribbon at the ends. Glue on the popsickle stick. Let everything dry. Hold the puppet by the stick.

Yarn puppet animals (dog, cat or rabbit)
assorted yarn
wire hanger
google eyes
piece of cardboard
12" piece of ribbon

An adult or older child should hold the hanger and push the two sides together to form a long oval shape. Bend up at the end. The loop will be the head. Bend it up.

Cut a piece of cardboard 5". Wind the yarn around this twenty times, but not so tight you can't get it off. Slip off the cardboard, tie in the middle with yarn, cut the ends. Tie this onto the wire. Repeat this until the body is filled. Add googly eyes to the face, felt for a nose and mouth. Tie the ribbon around the neck. You can reshape your animal puppet to look like a dog or cat. Att pointy ears of felt for the cat, floppy ears for dog, or long floppy ears for a lop eared rabbit.


clean pair of socks
googly eyes

The easiest puppet and one of the first many children make. Sock should fit comfortably on child's hand. Glue on eyes. Cut felt nose and mouse. Glue on. Cut pieces of yarn about 6" and glue on for the hair. Put the ribbon around the neck of the sock but not too tight. You can add yarn for whiskers if it is a cat.

Suggestion: Before you make any of these puppets decide what kind you want. When you are finished create your own stories with your friends. Put on a show for your parents.