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From the day a baby is born it is looking to communicate with you. Many babies start crying the instant they leave your uterus. This is healthy. They are trying to tell you how they are feeling and what they are thinking.
Communication is key to developing a child's learning capacity. The more you talk to your baby and encourage it to make sounds, the better. During the first month, your child will learn to hear you well. He'll be able to turn his head to look at you when you make sounds that sound interesting to him.
By the time he's three months old, your baby will start making babbling sounds. If you make sounds to your baby, he'll likely be able to make those sounds back to you. The entire time you should refer to your baby by his name. That's how he'll learn it. By the time he reaches seven months old, he'll start responding when you say his name. At that point he'll start expressing his feelings more openly toward you through facial expressions, noises, and the way he talks.
When he reaches the age of one year, the speech development will take an amazing turn. He'll say his first words. Your baby will have heard you talking to him for a year, and when he turns one, he'll make an effort to imitate your words and will speak his first word. Usually the first word is "Dada" or "Momma." Over the next few months, your child will speak even more. By the time he's 18 months old, he'll be speaking several words and will know how to say his name. You should start more formal training of sentences at this point, if you haven't already by reading and talking more to him, because before he turns two he'll be making sentences of his own.
The verbal education of your child during his first four years is key. By the time he turns four, he'll know a wide array of what might appear to be complex words for him. He'll amaze you at how eager he'll be to learn. But if you read to your child and talk to him using complete sentences and adult language, your child will learn to talk in no time.