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The summer is a great time to connect with your kids. The days are longer and there is no school and fewer activities. Here are some fun summertime activities to share with your children.

Help them set up a lemonade stand. Think of something fun to spend their profits on.

Visit a water park. There are many water adventure parks cropping up all over the country. Bring a picnic lunch and plan on spending the day.

Plant a flower garden or vegetable garden. Show them how the plants need to be watered, weeded, etc. Make a dish from the vegetables you grow.

Spread out a blanket and eat breakfast in the backyard. The weather is still cool and it's a great way to start the day.

Let them fingerpaint outside. No need to worry about the mess and you can hose them off when they are done.

Stay up late and catch fireflies.

With younger kids, ease up on the routines. Go out for a walk or ice cream after dinner one night. Or go to a concert in the park.

On a really hot day check out the library. Borrow books and movies and take refuge inside in the air conditioning. Or, go to the movies.

Teach them the games of your youth...hopscotch, kick the can, running bases, etc.

Drive to another town and take a bike ride around a new neighborhood.

Let each kid plan his favorite dinner. Even it it's cereal or waffles, enjoy.