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We all love to watch children having fun at their parties, but we also need to make sure that these parties are not only fun but also safe.

Most people will hire a clown to entertain the children and purchase and stuff piñatas with toys and candies for the kids to break open and enjoy. If it’s a Halloween party, most kids will be wearing costumes. Adults will plan activities for the children like bobbing for apples, playing hide and seek, providing crayons and paints for the children's enjoyment. If they have a swimming pool they may plan to allow the children to use it. Many may decide to use a barbeque grill for frankfurters and hamburgers, even decide to prepare a firework display to amuse the kids. All these are very fun for children and they will enjoy each one immensely. But along with providing fun, you must provide safety first. As harmless as all these activities may seem, you need to keep in mind that these activities can also pose dangers for very young kids. Therefore, you need to know the following information in order to provide a safe environment for all the kids to enjoy.

Clowns usually bring balloons. You may think that balloons are not dangerous, but very young children can choke on a piece of rubber from a popped balloon. This rubber can block the air passage and stop the child from breathing. Piñatas are very fun, kids can’t wait until it tears and all the candies and toys come raining down on them. Be careful what type of toys you stuff the piñata with. Very young kids can choke on small toys. If you do place small toys that kids’ can choke on, make sure that there are sufficient guardians to watch the younger kids.

If the party is a Halloween party or a costume party, be sure to have plenty of guardians. Sometimes kids will wear costumes that can block their eyesight and they can trip and fall. Bobbing for apples can be lots of fun but be very careful with the very young, (toddlers) they can very easily bend over for the apples, loose their balance, and fall into the apple barrel or pail that you‘re using. Again do not have any large pails or barrels with water around unattended children.

If the kids will be playing hide and seek, do a head count of the children once in a while to make sure that no one is missing. Sometimes a child may not be found and think that the game is not over and never come out of his/her hiding place.

When using crayons, paint, and colored pencils watch that the very young do not eat the crayons or the paint and that no one gets poked with a pencil.

Swimming pools can be very dangerous for young children. If you have a swimming pool make sure that the children do not have access to it. If they will have access, then have no less than one adult guardian per every two kids. Young children can drown in a matter of minutes and in very little water.

A firework display will be very exciting for kids, but if you plan to have any kind of fireworks make sure that you have a water hose handy and ready in case something should go wrong.

You should never use straws at a children’s party. This is another insignificant item that can cause many injuries to children. They can start playing with them and a child could get his/her eye punctured with a simple straw.

Be sure that every parent leaves a telephone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency and that any food allergies have been discussed with you. Ask some of the parents if they can stay and volunteer as guardians.

Many of these dangers can be easily overlooked. A child’s party can turn into injuries and trips to the emergency room, leaving the children dissatisfied and their parents with huge headaches. All this can be avoided by paying attention to safety first.