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Lightswitch covers

Items Needed:

9 colored popsicle sticks; Clear Glue Stick


Break one of the popsicles in 3 equal pieces.
Take 3 Popsicle sticks and lay flat. One at time, apply glue to side of sticks and press them together. Take 3 more Popsicle sticks and repeat procedure. Take the top and bottom halves of the broken stick, apply glue to each side and place between the two 3-piece sticks that you previously glued, leaving a hole in the center (this is where the lightswitch will go). Take another stick, glue the bottom, and place across the top of all seven sticks. Take the remaining stick, place glue on bottom, and place across the bottom of all seven sticks. You now have a colorful lightswitch cover for the children’s room.

Finger Tip Pictures

Items Needed:
Ink pad
colored pencils or markers

Firmly press finger tips onto the ink pad and immediately place onto paper. Using markers or pencils, add arms, legs, etc. to your creation.

We made black birds and gold fish... what can your child create?
Envelope Art

Items Needed:
Construction paper

First you'll need to seal the envelope. Draw a nose, whiskers or other features. Constructions paper can be cut to add ears, a hat or hair.

We made animals: a cat and a dog. See what creatures your child can come up with.
Shaving Cream Art

Items Needed:
Shaving Cream
vinyl tablecloth or plastic placemat

Cover table with cloth or place them at a counter.
Give them a mound of shaving cream and let them create.

If desired, add a little drop of food color to shaving cream for more added fun.
Here's an idea for all of the unmatched socks that the washer and dryer eat.

Sock Sacks

Items Needed:

Unmatched Socks
Dried beans, lentils or rice

Simply fill the sock with about 1 cup of dry beans, lentils or rice. Tie the end and pull to tighten.

There you go, a sock sack

Mom's Heart Pin

Items Needed:

pink or red felt
1/4 inch lace
assorted buttons
pin backs
craft glue
2" wooden heart

1.using the wooden heart, trace the pattern onto the pink or red felt.
2.glue small strips of lace and buttons onto the heart.
3.glue the pin back to the heart

Fun Glasses

Items Needed:

Craft Cellophane (many colors are available at your locat craft store)
Large sheet of poster board
Colorful markers
Beads, buttons, sequins, yarn (or whatever!)

1. Trace a pattern for the fun glasses onto the posterboard.
2. Cut out the cellophane to fit the "eyes" and glue to the back of the glasses.
3. Bend the "arms" of the glasses as appropriate to fit the face of the child. You may want to reinforce the folds on the inside of the glasses with craft glue.
4.Let the fun begin! Have the child create his or her own Fun Glasses with the beads, buttons, sequins, yarn, etc.

This is a great pool party or birthday party hit.