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Children dream about their birthday for months before the big day actually arrives. Their imaginations put together what they believe it will be like, and it’s our job as parents to make their special day a day to remember.

Your child’s birthday is by no doubt a very special day for you, as a parent. It may bring back memories of the day that they were born, or of birthdays in the past. It may be a day for you to reflect upon how much they have grown. Those memories and reflections should be shared with your child. Let them know how special they are to you. Wake them up with a backrub, and talk about the significance of the day.

Birthday parties are what it’s all about for kids. Planning a birthday party can be overwhelming at times, but with your child’s special day in mind, excitement might be brewing for you, too. Be sure to surround your child with loved ones on their birthday, and don’t invite people out of obligation. This could create conflict, and cause the day to not go as well as you would like.

Decorations create the whole scene that your child will see in their head when they think back to their birthday. Balloons are a must! Helium balloons can transform a whole room into birthday land. It’s also fun to just blow up several balloons and let them cover your floor. Children as well as adults will be batting them up and down and playing with them. Leaving them on the floor will allow the people that they’re for the opportunity to enjoy them. This could be dangerous with very small children, as balloons can be a choking hazard. It is necessary to monitor all children at all times with balloons.

A birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without a birthday cake. What is your child’s favorite kind of cake? That would be what they want. You can decorate it special with little toys or confetti, but be sure to remove them before the candles are lit). Besides presents, cake is the main event, so the more impressive, the stronger the memory.

Presents are not what makes a birthday, but children sure do enjoy them! When selecting a present for your child, think about what you are getting them. Ask them several times in advance what they are wishing for. It is very enjoyable to give your child a gift that you know will delight them.

What child doesn’t feel special when they are the focus of attention? Direct the party around the birthday child, while being sure to make everyone attending to feel welcome. Capture moments in pictures and on video, if possible. Don’t leave out the “Happy Birthday” song, and some party games always make it fun. If you put effort into your child’s day and be sure to tell them how special that they are, the birthday is bound to be a success!