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When you first brought your baby home, he or she slept in your room or bed. They were close to you for feeding or just to be convenient. Each week, you said you would have them sleep in their crib, but didn't want to give them up as a co-sleeper yet. As they got older, you felt it was time to move them back to their own room. But it never fails, as soon as you put them to bed, out they come looking to sleep with you. Or maybe it's an infant crying for a parent to sleep with. Whichever the case, when you are ready to sleep alone and your child isn't, it becomes a trying situation. But don't despair, there are ways to help your child separate from your bed.

First of all, don't give in. Once you've decided to have your baby should sleep in their room, don't keep change your mind. You will only confuse the child who thinks that they've won because they are back in your room or bed.

Put your baby in their bed. When they start crying, let them cry for a certain amount of minutes before going in to them. Let's say 10 minutes go by and then you go in. Don't pick up the baby! Just soothe the baby so they know that you are nearby. Then leave again. If they cry again, do the same exact thing. Keep doing it until they fall asleep.

The next night, do the same thing. Wait a certain amount of time and then go in. This time wait a little longer. And again, don't pick up the baby!

Continue the pattern and after a few nights, your baby should go to sleep without a problem.

Another way to help your baby get used to their bed is to have them sleep there during the day. At naptime, put them in their crib or bed. Follow the same routine if they start to cry. Read to relax them and then leave. If you keep a pattern, more than likely, your baby will follow it!