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To keep in touch with your out-of-touch grandchildren try keeping in touch with current treands.

This doesn't mean grandpa should pierce his ears or grandma needs to start wearing her jeans backwards. Instead, try tuning in to their favorite music intead of tuning it out. Imagine their surprise when grandma strikes up a conversation about the raw emotion of Matchbox 20 or the way Britney Spears makes you wish you could still dance the way you use to.

Learn a few of their favorite activities and participate (if possible and if they will let you) along with them. If they don't want to go rollerblading with grandpa, don't get upset, keep trying. Eventually you will discover an activity that you both can enjoy together.

Always keep a good supply of games in your closet. Preferably ones suitable for their age group. Games that allow you to play together are also a plus. Giving them something to look forward to while visiting as always a good idea.

Avoid conversations about "the good old days" unless you are a very good storyteller and the story you're telling is one they truly want to hear. This does not mean you should stop telling stories all together, in fact most grandchildren would love to hear a story as long as it is not about how much easier their childhood is as apposed to yours. Remember, your aim is to entertain while educating, not to lecture.

Never lecture. That's the parents' job.

Be open to new things, be understanding, and be yourself, those are the keys to The Cool Grandparent.