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If you put your mind to it, you can come up with some wonderful gift ideas that are easy to make at home and gifts that the child/children will love.

In young children their imagination is a wonderful and sometimes the only playmate they have available. They imagine themselves as pirates or wizards or fairy princesses and play out their 'fantasies' on a regular basis.

Why not make that child a wonderful gift to go along with their imagination?

For the Pirate in your family you could easily sew together a pirate outfit, complete with eye patch, with little effort at all. This doesn't have to get expensive, either. Search yard sales and junk stores for the needed material, fake feathers for the hat or elastic for the eye patch.

For the wizard in your family you could design and sew a unique cape and wizard hat to put any retail costume shop to shame. Complete gift with multicolored draw-string bags to contain various wizard paraphonalia.

The fairy princess is always in need of a beautiful dress, hat and wand. Why not give her a helping hand and design a unique dress with matching hat and glittery wand? Fairy princesses always need slippers, so pick up a pair of shoes on sale and make them a work of art with glitter, sequins, beads and lace to match the fairy gown.

For the more practical children who would rather work in the 'kitchen' or 'workshop', why not sew together little costumes to help them out?

Small child-sized aprons are easy to make and no real pattern is needed. You can also add dishcloths, hand towels and potholders to this gift by using scraps from old towels and trimming them with lace or colorful material.

For the little workshop man, make overalls from old jeans or make colorful ones like dad's from matching material. Add a handful of 'rags' for him to wipe his dirty hands on, just like dad.

The list is endless and the gifts make the kids on your list happy indeed. Try out a few and help add to your child's imagination today.