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When a child becomes fussy for whatever reason you may want to try one or a combination of these techniques to comfort and/or entertain your child.

1. Change of Scenery - Some children, like some adults get "cabin fever" and need to go outdoors. They've spent more than enough time indoors and are ready to venture out into fresh air and sunshine. Take them for a walk, stroller ride or backpack on an hour trip around the neighborhood or to the park.

2. Playing Water - You'd be surprised how soothing and refreshing a romp in the play pool, bathtub, sprinkler or pan of water is to an irritable child. Toss some toys in for quiet play in the bathtub or bathe a doll or pet in a tub outside. This is very calming for a child whose having trouble taking a nap in hot weather.

3. Try Something New - Your child may be bored of his surroundings and in need of an exciting adventure to a new place. Take him or her to a part of the Zoo or Park you've never been too. Even better, take him to an altogether new attraction, such as the Circus, Fair, Children's Museum, etc. Check the Newspapers for Local Events going on in your Town or City.

4. If you're unable to leave the house there are several things you can do to distract your child from their present miserable state. Observing the behavior of pets or wild animals can sometimes do the trick. Point out how the lizard on the screen or wall will stalk an insect and gobble it up, how the Canary you own takes a bath in his drinking water or how the neighbor's dog out the window challenges your pet cat to a dual in the front yard. Use whatever current situation offers itself to distract your fussy child. But use the moment to catch the out of the ordinary occurances. This will hold the attention of the child longer.

5. Play that Funky Music: That's right! Put some old Rock n' Roll, Children's All-Time Favorites, whatever gets your feet moving, and cut a rug with your child! If you can get some Brazilian Music, the ocarina flute the Brazilians play has a pacifying affect on many an agitated infant, toddler and child.

6. Arts & Crafts - Your child will love it if you will get down with them at the coffee table and color, cut, glue, glitter, and even build 3-Dimensional Art with them! Let all those creative ideas flow! Teach your kids all the great things you did in Summer Fun, Kindergarten, or on those rainy days when you were a child. Believe me, it will all come back to you!

7. If all else fails just hold your child close and read familiar books, nursery rhymes until their agitated nerves are quietly resting. Even singing or humming familiar songs, sometimes making up new lyrics to old melodies will get the child listening and forgetting their woes. Pick two or three songs and sing them when your child is an infant, as they get older the familiarity of the song will be soothing to them and they'll hush to listen to a song they love. Sometimes a child just needs to talk about what's bothering them. Lend a listening ear and a supportive hug. Many times, that's all they needed.