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Sometimes I have to wonder if children are sent here for us to learn from them, instead of the other way around where we, as parents, are the teachers. Even though children are small they often say some very intelligent things without realizing exactly what it means.
For example, when my son was about three years old he came to me and wanted to know what “thinking” meant? I could not, for the life of me, figure out a way to explain it so that he would understand. Unfortunately this upset him and he stormed off to his room. About ten minutes had passed when he opened his door, came to me and said; “Mom, I know what thinking is. It’s when your brain keeps talking but your mouth stays shut.” I just looked at him in complete amazement and said; “You’re absolutely right. That is exactly what thinking is.” I later told my husband that it’s pretty bad when a three year old can explain it better than the parent can.
When I was pregnant with my daughter, I craved Chinese food constantly. Because of my craving, the owner of the restaurant that we visited, got to know us quite well and started teaching my son a few words in Chinese. He was six at the time and started kinder-garden that fall. On his first day of class, after the teacher had been introduced to my son, she told him he must be pretty smart to be starting school. He looked at her and said: “Shi, Shi.” “Shi, Shi?” asked the teacher. “What does that mean?” “Well, you’re the teacher. Don’t you know? It means “Thank you” in Chinese.” replied my son.
Two of my younger brothers were talking one day, about my mother’s dog, KoKo, who was pregnant. Travis, the oldest brother, was trying to explain to my younger brother Stephen, how KoKo had gotten pregnant. “But how did the babies get in her tummy?” Stephen asked. “Well God put them there.” Travis said. “Na huh!” shouted Stephen. “KoKo can’t fly that high.”
Children have such an honest outlook on life that I find it hard to believe that people in the adult world, once had the same honest view. When I was a little girl my parents had invited a minister and his wife to our home. After the couple had sat down, I started bringing out my dolls to show to the preacher’s wife. I threw one particular doll up onto the lady’s lap and said: “See this baby is fat just like you are.” Needless to say my parents were mortified, but since I was only four the lady didn’t seem to mind all that much.
My mother is a licensed day care provider and often finds herself in hilarious situations when dealing with the children. She was watching a little boy named Lamar one day when it looked like things were going to get pretty hectic. She had supper cooking on the stove, the phone had started ringing and she was trying to feed Lamar in the highchair all at the same time. Now normally this is not a problem for my mother but on that particular day a grease fire had started on the stove. Mom had just walked into the other room to answer the door, still talking on the phone, when she heard Lamar shouting: “Hot Mama! Hot Mama!” The lesson she learned was never try to do too many things at once. We can learn so much from our children if we only stop and take the time to listen.