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Materials needed to make fun foam name tags for kids

Fun foam
fabric ribbon
fabric paint
(All the above items can be found in most craft stores in a wide variety of colors)
cookie cutters
hot glue gun and glue

Place desired cookie cutter on fun foam and trace shape with a pen. Cut out the shape along the traced line. Choose the color of fabric paint you want to contrast with the fun foam color and write the kid's name on it, printing clearly. After the paint dries, make small bows from the ribbon (choose a coordinating color) and hot glue the bows to the shapes in a appropriate place, such as at the top if it is a heart, etc. Your name tag is done!

Examples and Suggestions:

Heart shaped fun foam using red, purple, white or pink with a contrasting color of paint make nice Valentines name tags. The bow can be placed at the top of the heart.

Shamrocks can be cutout from green fun foam with light green or white fabric paint with the bow glued at the top of the name tag.

Turkeys are a great shape for Thanksgiving, using brown or tan fun foam with orange paint and orange ribbon for a nice contrast.

Ghosts for Halloween using white fun foam with black eyes and mouths and name in black letters with an orange bow under the mouth.

Pumpkins also are great for Halloween or fall name tags for the kids, using orange fun foam with dark orange painted lines on pumpkin and green paint to clor stem and the names. A black bow at the base of the stem is recommended.

Christmas trees can be made using green fun foam with red bow on top and names written in red.

Wreaths also can be used during winter holidays using green fun foam with red painted names and a red bow to accent.

Stars can be used for fourth of July using blue fun foam with white letters and red ribbon glued to the top of one of the points.

Easter eggs can be cut out of any color of fun foam with contrasting colorful paint. (Example, purple with yellow and pink, decorating name in black and bow to match the paint.)

Bunnies are fun for the kids using white fun foam and pink paint to outline the ears, mouth and nose. Name can be written in purple with purple ribbon at the bunny's neck.