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There are so many different things you can do with your child without going over your budget. That budget you have designed for yourself and your household is very important. If you have plans to reach a specific goal from your budget you have to maintain a lot of self control. But in reaching that goal you don't want to sacrifice spending quality time with your child by not doing fun things with them. This is when you have to be creative to find ways to do things together and not spend a lot of money so you can stick to your budget to reach your goal.

The first thing you need to do is allow yourself some money in your budget for fun. The key is to find inexpensive things to do so you will have more money to spread out for different activities. Find out in your city what day they have half price at the zoo and museum and only go on those days.
Instead of taking your child to the movies, tell them if they wait until it comes out on video, they can have a movie party at home. Let them invite a couple of their friends, you rent the video and pop popcorn and provide soda. You will come out cheaper than taking your child and yourself and buying snacks at the movie theater. You can get with other mothers and take turns in having these parties at home twice a month with old and new movies. Your kids will enjoy viewing movies with a group of friends at each other's homes better than you two actually going to the theater together.

Every child likes to go out of town. Get up on a Saturday morning after cooking a big breakfast and go out of town for the day. Where ever you live drive to the next closest city. Even if it's only twenty or thirty miles away. You don't live there, so it is out of town. Spend the day sight seeing. Take the kids to that city park, different hotels, their downtown area and ride around a historical district looking at houses and sites. All of this is free. Buy a disposal camera and take pictures of all the places you visited that day. Have lunch at McDonald's there. You will be surprise at how thrill your child will be at eating at a McDonald's that's not in their neighborhood. You can pick any city that is close to your home to go to and visit once a month. Take pictures every time you go, then spend a day together creating a scrapbook of all of your out of town trips.

Going to the mall is always a cheap way to spend time with your child. Set aside money for the merry-go-round rides and video games. Always eat lunch or dinner before you leave home and that way you can treat your child to a dessert at the mall instead of buying food.

Whatever church you belong to they usually have different activities that you and your child can attend. If there is some type of event that you normally would pay, see if you can volunteer and usually they will let you and your family attend free.

There are so many free things to do from concerts in the park to different neighborhood events. Allow yourself some money to play with in your budget. If you plan the right activities and search for free things to do, you will still have fun, spend quality time with your child and stay within your budget.